Pharmacy Technician

Our courses are developed with you in mind. Our preparatory courses are designed to provide a unique interactive atmosphere to steer students towards the results they want. Each course has a limited enrollment, which allows for maximum student-instructor interaction and provides an effective and focused learning environment. They are offered six times throughout the year, three times before each OSPE.

With PharmaSpirit, you will never be left alone.   From the moment you register to the day of your PEBC qualifying exam you will have unlimited access to your instructors via email or phone.

PharmaSpirit’s offers a comprehensive program that helps you develop the necessary skill required to successfully tackle the questions of PEBC Qualifying Exam part I (MCQ) and the part II (OSPE).  By covering the key topics, concepts and interactive practice scenarios, we will help you understand, not memorize the material. 

All our courses are taught by experienced practicing pharmacists and Registered Pharmacy Technician who are heavily involved in teaching pharmacy technicians and expert in their practice areas.

In addition, our program is affordable.



If you have any other questions, feel free to e–mail us at or call us at 905-808-5587

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